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SunStar new busses

Wonderful journey - with Sunsundegui new busses of the top class.

Aesthetically nice and high-quality Sunsundegui bodys with excellence chassis from companies like Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Iveco and Volvo.

Founder and manager from SunStar utility vehicle limited liability company is Mr . Wessels, who is the owner from the specialised trade Wessels for second hand b usses and utility vehicles with his own workshop.

Since a long time experience with all prevailing busses and utility vehicles typ es they are in the company SunStar convinced to offer with the Sunsundegui - vehicles one of the distinguishing bus-vehicles Europe's

From the know-how of the spare parts supply from the company Wessels profited of course also the SunStar utility vehicle limited liability company. All importa nt body-working part included glazing waiting for a call.

The warranty for aggregate of the chassis would be unrestricted took over from the manufacturer.

The production of the Sunsundegui-bus-body is in the Spanish Alsasua (Navarra). After new construction processes, something from this world-wide, would built he re the developed and produced body's with the chassis from Mercedes-Benz, MAN, I VECO and Volvo.

The high-powered busses excel the European norms ECE 36-A03,66 and 80 and would be delivered with 5 jears guarantee against rust through.

Careful reasoned body design gives the Sunsundegui-bus an brilliant aesthetics - it would be an aha-experience if you look to the bus.

On a journey shows the Sunsundegui his true size. The high-quality, comfortable and varied adjustable relax- and sleeping seating, the air condition as well as refreshing drinks from the boardrefrigerator see to physical condition of the pa ssengers - the gliding trough the landscape would be a pleasant event.

If required shows the TV-, Video- and stereo system an reflexed entertainment du ring the journey. Likewise independent on board: the comfortable sanitary facili ties.

We would like to help you in financing and leasing. SunStar has a big pallet of financing- and leasing offers for you.

Test the capacity from SunStar utility vehicles limited liability company and le t you give an offer without obligations.

We would be happy to cooperate with you.

You can contact us:
J.-D. Lauensteinstr. 14
D - 49767 Twist
Phone : +49 - 5936 - 9310-0
Fax : +49 - 5936 - 931040
E-Mail : info@omnibusse.de